Lassi                                                              $3.50

Chilled yogurt drink.


Mango     Sweet     Salted


Hot Beverages                                             $2.50


Herbal Tea     Chai Tea    

Chai Tea has milk added. One Free Refill



Cold Beverages                                           $2.50


 Coke     Diet Coke     Sprite     Lemonade     Fanta

 Iced Tea     Milk    

 One Free Refill except for milk




Gulab Jamun (2 pieces)                $4.00

An Indian delicacy made from a

special dough fried golden brown

and served in a homemade syrup,

either warm or cold.

Rice Pudding                                $4.00

Freshly made with crushed rice

drenched in thick sweet milk

and laced.

Mango Ice Cream                         $4.00

Homemade ice cream blended with

choice mango pulp.


Pista Ice Cream- N                        $4.00

Super Creamy Ice Cream made with

Pistachio nuts.

Ras Malai                                      $4.00

Soft and Spongy cottage cheese patties

In sweet and creamy milk.