Menu Card

Chaat Counter

Samosa topped with chick peas, onion & mint sauce $3.25
Aloo Tiki potato patties with chick peas, yogurt & chutneys $3.95
Sweet Potato spiced grilled chunks with chillies & lime juices $3.95
Bhel Puri puffed rice mixed with onion. tomato & tamarind $3.95
Dahi Papri crisp fried wafers with spiced potato, chick peas & yogurt $3.95
Kachori patties stuffed with dal & chef special spices $3.95
Aloo Chaat broiled diced potato & chick peas seasoned with chef exotic spices $3.95
Veggie Pakora seasonal vegetables fried with gram flour & chef special spices $3.25
Paneer Pakora marinated cottage cheese deep fried in gram flour & spices $4.95
Amritsari Fish fish of the day deep fried fingers with gram flour, caroul (ajwain), & mixed spices $9.95

Weekend Brunch

Pav Bhaji mixed vegetables cooked in tomato gravy & served with soft toasted bread $5.95
Aloo Puri spicy potatoes with gravy and puffed, fried whole wheat bread (puri) $5.95
Chole Bhatura chickpeas curry with fried leavened puffed bread $5.95
Plain Dosa fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils $8.95
Masala Dosa fermented crepe with stuffing of mashed potato & served with coconut chutney and sambar $9.95
Paneer Dosa fermented crepe with stuffing of cottage cheese $10.95
Kathi Roll paneer or Chicken filling wrapped in flatbread (Roti) $5.95
Sambar Vada fried lentil doughnut in spicy lentil curry $4.95
Vada Pav deep fried spicy potato patty served with bread $3.95
Tawa Paratha flatbread with (Potato, Radish, Cauliflower) filling baked in open pan and then shallow fried $2.95
Amritsari Kulcha flatbread with filling baked in open pan and then shallow fried $3.95
Kadhi Rice yogurt curry with rice $6.95
Rajma Rice red kidney beans cooked in a delicious gravy served with hot steaming rice $6.95
Masala/Sweet Lassi lightly spiced yogurt shake $1.95

Soup & Salad

Tomato Soup tangy soup of tomatoes cooked with spices and blended $3.50
Carrot Fennel Soup sweet carrots blended with delicately flavored fennel and spices $3.50
Mulligatawny Soup richly flavoured vegetable broth spiced with curry powder $3.50
Chicken Soup chicken broth with vegetables and spices $3.95
Spinach Soup vibrant green blended soup of spinach with spice $3.50
Green Salad salad greens with light dressing $4.95
Crispy Okra whole okra shallow fried in a pan $7.95


Veggie Raita vegetables mixed in a light yogurt sauce $2.25
Onion Lemon Chili sliced onions, lemons, chillis sprinkled with tangy spices and salt $3.95
Mango Chutney sweet and tangy mango relish $2.25
Mint Chutney spicy mint sauce $2.25
Tamarind Chutney sweet and tangy tamarind sauce $2.25
Onion Relish spicy onion relish $2.20

From The Tandoor – Vegetable

Paneer Tikka cottage cheese marinated in hung yogurt and spices & grilled with onion and pepper $11.95
Stuffed Aloo potato stuffed with cottage cheese, green peas & cooked in tandoor $9.95
Achari Mushroom mushroom stuffed with spinach, cheeses, exotic spices & grilled in clay oven $10.95
Tandoori Veg seasoned vegetables marinated in hung yogurt and chef’s special spices $10.95

From The Tandoor – Chicken

Chicken Tikka boneless chicken marinated in hung yogurt and spices & grilled in clay oven $11.95
Malai Kabab grilled cubes in mildly spiced creamy marinade infused with cardamom $11.95
Maharaja Kabab spring chicken marinated in hung yogurt and pomegranate $9.95
Bihari Kabab boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and chef’s special spices $10.95
Tandoori Chicken cornish hen marinated in hung yogurt and exotic spices & cooked in clay oven $10.95
Haryali Kabab chicken marinated with combination of mint, cilantro and chef’s special spices $10.95
Reshmi Kabab finely minced chicken skewers grilled in clay oven $10.95

From The Tandoor – Speciality

Teetar partridge cooked in clay oven $16.99
Bater quail cooked in clay oven $16.95

From The Tandoor – Lamb

Raunak-e-Seekh minced lamb skewers flavored with herbs and spices $11.95
Boti Kabab boneless lamb marinated in ginger, garlic, roasted black cumin & grilled $11.95
Maharaja Chops rack of lamb marinated in chef’s special spices & grilled in clay oven $17.95
Tandoori Platter combination of chicken and lamb $15.95

From The Tandoor – Seafood

Fish Tikka salmon marinated in yogurt, fenugreek & cooked in clay oven $14.95
Tandoor Shrimp tiger shrimp marinated in spices & grilled $16.95

Main Course – Vegetable

Subz Panchmeal mixed vegetable tossed in garlic, tomato and oregano $9.95
Shahi Paneer cottage cheese cooked with yogurt in tangy onion and tomato sauce $10.95
Malai Kofta mixed vegetable and cottage cheese filled rounds tossed in cashew nut sauce $10.95
Paneer Masala cottage cheese cubes served in creamy tomato and onion sauce $10.95
Amritsari Chhole chickpeas cooked in traditional onion and tomato sauce $9.95
Methi Malai Mutter blend of fresh fenugreek leaves, sweet green peas & cooked in creamy sauce $10.95
Jaipuri Bhindi stir fried okras tossed with fresh tomato and onion $9.95
Patiala Baigan baby eggplant stuffed with tangy spices & tossed in fresh onion and tomato $9.95
Saag Paneer creamy spinach with fresh cottage cheese $9.95
Vegetable Masala mixed vegetable cooked in rich tomato sauce $9.95
Karahi Paneer cottage cheese in tangy sauce cooked in open pan $10.95
Navratan Korma nine jewel style gravy with assorted veggies $10.95
Daal Tadka mix of yellow lentils tempered with cumin seeds and whole red chillies $9.95
Aloo Gobi potato and cauliflower cooked with chef’s special spices $10.95
Daal Maharaja slow cooked black lentils in tomato puree and garlic & simmered overnight $10.95

Main Course – Chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala grilled boneless chicken in creamy tomato sauce $10.95
Butter Chicken pulled chicken cooked in traditional mughlai sauces $10.95
Methi Chicken chicken simmered in creamy fenugreek sauce $10.95
Nizami Korma boneless chicken cooked in rich yogurt and cashew gravy $10.95
Karahi Chicken chicken with bell peppers and chef’s special spices $10.95
Maharaja Chicken Curry chicken simmered in onion and tomato sauce $10.95
Chicken Jalfrezi chicken with cardamom and chef’s special spices in fresh ginger, garlic and tomato gravy $10.95
Chicken Saag chicken curry simmered in spicy spinach sauce $10.95

Main Course – Lamb

Rogan Josh hot and spicy slow-cooked lamb curry $12.95
Karahi Lamb boneless lamb in onion and tomato sauce & simmered in open pan $12.95
Rayar Lamb chunks of lamb cooked in tomato, onion and chef’s special spices $12.95
Lamb Vindaloo lamb cooked with coconut, vinegar and red chilli peppers – spicy hot! $12.95
Lamb Saag lamb curry simmered in spicy spinach sauce $12.95

Main Course – Goat

Goat Curry fresh goat cooked in a homestyle curry with blend of hand ground spices $12.95
Bhuna Goat goat cooked on the bone with garlic and ginger in saffron water $12.95
Karahi Goat goat in onion and tomato gravy with red pepper powder $12.95

Main Course – Fish


Meen Curry fish of the day simmered in coconut extract with curry leaves, green chilies and lime juice $12.95
Tamaterwala Jheenga prawns simmered in rich tomato gravy with mustard seeds $12.95
Ghar ki Machi Curry fish of the day cooked in homestyle fresh onion and tomato sauce $12.95

Indo Chinese

Gobi Manchurian stir fried cauliflower sauteed in garlic and spices $7.95
Garlic Shrimp jumbo shrimp sauteed in green onion, garlic and chef’s special spices $9.95
Chili Chicken stir fried chicken sauteed in green and red pepper with seasoned spices $9.95
Chili Paneer homemade cottage cheese cooked in indo-chinese sauces $8.95



Vegetable Biryani $9.95
Chicken Biryani $10.95
Lamb Biryani $12.95
Goat Biryani $12.95
Shrimp Biryani $13.95
Steamed Rice plain steamed rice $3.25
Lemon Rice lemon flavored fried rice $3.95



Naan soft tasty Indian oven-baked flatbread $2.25
Butter Naan a butter flavored soft tasty Indian flatbread $2.25
Tandoori Roti whole wheat flour flatbread made in a clay oven or tandoor $2.25
Garlic Naan indian flatbread topped with garlic and coriander $2.95
Aloo Paratha whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potato mixture $3.95
Lachha Paratha crispy, flaky and layered flat whole wheat flour bread $3.25
Kheema Naan mince meat stuffed leavened flatbread $3.95
Peshawari Naan slightly sweet leavened flatbread $3.95
Onion Kulcha baked flatbread with a delicious onion and mint stuffing $3.95
Spinach & Goat Cheese Naan leavened flatbread with spinach and goat cheese filling $3.95
Bullet Naan leavened flatbread stuffed with green chilli and cilantro $3.95

Drink & Desserts


Soft Drink coke Products $1.95
Lassi – Mango, Sweet, or Salty delicious mango & yogurt shake, with sugar/salt and pinch of cardamom powder $2.95
Tea sweet, aromatic and healthy tea served with milk $1.95
Coffee a brewed coffee served with milk $1.95
Mango Ice Cream super creamy ice cream blended with fresh mangoes $3.95
Pista Ice Cream super creamy ice cream made with pistachio nuts $3.95
Ras Malai soft and spongy cottage cheese patties in sweet and creamy milk $3.95
Gulab Jamun soft, spongy fried cheese and dough balls, drenched in delicately flavored sugar syrup $3.95
Phirni rice pudding slow cooked in milk & sweetened with sugar $3.95


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