Tandoori Roti – V                                                                  $3.00

Whole wheat bread.



Naan                                                                                         $3.00

Indian style pastry-flour bread.

Butter Naan                                                                            $3.50

Butter flavored soft tasty Indian Bread



Garlic Naan                                                                             $3.50

Naan garnished with freshly chopped garlic topped with cilantro.



Onion Kulcha                                                                         $3.50

Leavened Bread stuffed with minced onions topped with cilantro.



Lacchedar Prahtha – V                                                           $4.50

Multi-layered flaky whole wheat bread with oil.



Aloo Prahtha –                                                                        $4.50

Whole wheat bread stuffed with potato mixture.



Keema Naan                                                                           $5.00

Mince meat stuffed leavened flatbread.



Bullet Naan                                                                             $4.00

Leavened flatbread stuffed with green chili and cilantro.



Peshawari Naan – N                                                              $5.00

Special Naan stuffed with nuts and raisins.



Spinach & Goat Cheese Naan                                            $5.00

Leavened flatbread with spinach and goat cheese filling.



Assorted Naan’s                                                                    $10.50

Naan, Garlic Naan, and your choice of any other naan.

V  – Vegan Available

N – Contains Nuts